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Accumulator design and assembly process

To address the disadvantages mainly in the traditional manufacture of diaphragm accumulators, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies developed a new approach—one that the company says requires fewer process steps, fewer components and shorter installation times.

Neodymium compression bonded magnets

All-new high energy B12 magnets from Bunting Magnetics Co.'s Magnet Applications, Inc. are a major upgrade to its neodymium compression bonded magnet product offerings.

Synchronous step-down controller

The LTC7800 from Analog Devices, Inc. is a synchronous step-down DC/DC controller that operates at up to 2.25 MHz for reduced circuit size and increased power density.

Inertial measurement unit

Tamagawa Seiki has launched a series of automotive and industrial-grade inertial measurement units for affordable high-performance applications.

Daimler Trucks' lessons learned from SuperTruck program

Daimler Trucks North America has referred to its $40 million, five-year SuperTruck program that concluded earlier this year as “a playground for our engineers.” Overseeing this playground’s development and integration activities was Derek Rotz, the Principal Investigator who was hired in 2010 when the program kicked off. He spoke with SAE Magazines about the challenges, lessons learned, and their ongoing work.

Software's growth shines spotlight on eliminating defects

Software’s becoming a greater factor in vehicle development, prompting a heightened focus on reducing the number of defects in code. Early planning, discipline, and continuous attention to detail are a few of the techniques that can help design teams eliminate defects.

Two-way communication system

The Sensear Heavy Vehicle Communication Solution enables clear transmission of two-way radio communications and stereo audio for operating heavy vehicles at any industrial site.

Argonne centers to focus on expediting commercialization of technology

Recognizing the power of technologies such as energy storage and nanotechnology and seeking ways to accelerate their impact, Argonne has created two new collaborative centers that it is hoping will provide an innovative pathway for business and industry to speed discoveries to market.

Distribution block

Designed with ports for Deutsch connectors, Murrelektronik's new xtreme DB distribution block provides up to three times the current-carrying capacity compared to blocks of similar size, along with design efficiencies that will help to transform the way control systems are developed by heavy-duty vehicle builders.

Wärtsilä virtualizes marine engine design and testing

The costs of building and running prototype engines are high, but they’re extremely daunting when each cylinder of a marine engine provides more than 1000 kW (1340 hp). That’s prompted Wärtsilä to invest heavily in hardware and software so modeling, simulation and virtual testing can be used to shorten development time and ensure that all design requirements are met.

Self-propelled modular transporter

Enerpac’s SPMT600 Series Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) is a three-axle per trailer modular system featuring a minimized height, slim design and remote wireless control operation capabilities, making it highly suitable for operating in confined spaces.

The future of off-highway drivelines

Cummins recently announced trials of future driveline concepts for off-highway equipment. Its focus is on energy diversity, providing a range of powertrain solutions for customers: clean diesel, renewables, natural gas, gasoline, hybrids and electric power, notes Shelley Knust, Executive Director - Off-Highway Engineering.