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WSU team's transportable hydrogen fueling station wins design contest

The WSU team found an edge over the competing designs by employing liquid hydrogen (LH2) storage to maximize station capacity and reduce capital and operating costs. Delivering hydrogen in liquid form reduces the energy used for distribution, and 80-90% of small-merchant hydrogen is delivered via cryogenic liquid tanker truck.

Optimizing commercial vehicle muffler size, volume via CFD

Researchers at VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. in India employed downsizing to design a commercial vehicle exhaust system using the ANSYS CFD tool Fluent, resulting in a 14.1% reductions in both size and volume and a mass savings of 2%.

Carbon-fiber concept trailer from Great Dane cuts weight by 4000 lb

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience is a prototype tractor-trailer developed to demonstrate the possibilities of future transport, and the truck is not the only place where innovation reigns. The trailer body is built almost exclusively with carbon fiber, and it incorporates other technologies such as advanced adhesives and low-profile LED lighting.

Dana brings CVP technology to lighter-duty equipment

VariGlide has undergone more than 70,000 hours of durability testing, and leverages more than 600 U.S. and international patents and patent applications for a new transmission design for forklifts that incorporates continuously variable planetary technology.

Monolayer PA6 a promising solution for SORE fuel tanks and permeation compliance

Small Off-Road Engine (SORE) fuel tanks traditionally have been blow molded in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), but HDPE on its own does not meet the new stringent permeation regulations. Of all commercially available solutions to reach the EPA requirements, monomaterial PA6 technology scores the highest when it comes to the combination of permeability, process stability, mechanical properties, and costs, according to DSM.

WABCO introduces new compressors

Among the new products WABCO displayed at the IAA Hanover CV Show was an electrically driven compressor for heavy duty air-braking systems and a new energy saving engine driven compressor.

Continental looks to eHorizon for fully automated vehicles

With its Connected eHorizon, Continental presented at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover what it believes is one of the key elements on the way to fully automated vehicles. This “networked electronic horizon” uses navigation data more effectively by deploying crowdsourcing technology to extend the underlying topographic maps with information from the sensors of other road users.