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Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 demonstrates autonomous technology

Given the worldwide desire to reduce road accident fatalities, it seems likely that the first applications of autonomous driving technologies will appear on heavy commercial vehicles. Daimler recently demonstrated how it could develop such technologies in its Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 study, which will make its global debut at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show at Hanover in September.

Big performance in small packages

By regulating light-duty engine variable speed fans based on heat rejection demands and ambient temperature, consistent power savings over the entire operating spectrum can be achieved.

Ashok Leyland develops bimetal brake drum to improve heat dissipation, reduce weight

To achieve weight savings in vehicles, OEMs and component suppliers are increasingly using ultra-high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastics, and composites. One strategy is to develop components using a multi-material concept. Ashok Leyland researchers used this approach when developing a bimetal brake drum with cast-iron inner ring and aluminum outer shell.

Monolayer PA6 a promising solution for SORE fuel tanks and permeation compliance

Small Off-Road Engine (SORE) fuel tanks traditionally have been blow molded in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), but HDPE on its own does not meet the new stringent permeation regulations. Of all commercially available solutions to reach the EPA requirements, monomaterial PA6 technology scores the highest when it comes to the combination of permeability, process stability, mechanical properties, and costs, according to DSM.

Volvo, ABB partner on fast-charging electric buses

Volvo Bus and Swiss technology group ABB are collaborating to develop and commercialize hybrid- and full-electric buses that employ “open standards-based” dc fast-charging systems. Buses will be charged quickly through an automatic roof-top connection system at bus stops, or through cabled charging systems overnight.

Yokohama’s take on commercial tire trends

Rick Phillips, Senior Director, Commercial and OTR Sales, for Yokohama Tire Corp., provides his thoughts on the company's first U.S. commercial tire plant, scheduled to open in October 2015, as well as what the market can expect in the coming years.