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Intelligence drives efficiency, safety and uptime

Several leaders of global truck manufacturers converged for an International Press Workshop in advance of the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade show taking place in Hanover, Germany in September. The main topics were familiar—electrification, autonomous operation, connectivity—but still worth being heard, coming from those helping to shape how the industry moves forward.

Big data and next-gen prognostics

Smart data-analyzing procedures that support predictive maintenance will help to significantly increase the uptime of heavy-duty vehicles. The “Evolution of Big Data” symposium at SAE COMVEC 2018 addresses such critical topics.

APUs save fuel, serve as driver retention tool

Without idling the truck’s main engines, an auxiliary power unit can provide heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cab and sleeper, as well as power laptops, gaming machines, and microwaves. Fleets need to provide drivers with the ability to maintain their wanted comfort level on the road while also ensuring resources are being used wisely.

Hot-stamping process from Schuler employs flexible 'pressure controlled hardening'

The German equipment supplier’s new PCHflex technology reportedly allows economical production of hot-stamped parts with high output performance, part quality, and maximum availability. A U.S. car manufacturer has already placed an order with Schuler for four production lines to manufacture lightweight parts using PCHflex, which is also suitable for producing parts on heavy-duty vehicles.

Fiber laser system

Prima Power has introduced the Laserdyne 430 Versa 3D fiber laser system with third-generation BeamDirector, designed for the typical laser processing needs of tool rooms, model shops, and R&D centers of manufacturers.

Cat pipelayers offer power and comfort to operators

New PL72, PL83, and PL87 pipelayers feature differential steering and an electronically controlled hydraulic system that places total control of lifting functions into a single joystick. A dash-mounted LCD display provides onboard diagnostic information for the operator.

Samsung test-drives 'see-through' truck

The company is looking at adjacent markets for its large video screens and sees the truck industry as a potential opportunity. The Safety Truck prototype was developed with the aim of improving road safety.