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The drive for driverless vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are a hot topic, most noticeably in the automotive world. But automated driving/operation is making significant headway in the off-highway realm as well, especially in mining applications. John Williamson of Komatsu America Corp. and Serge Lambermont of Delphi Electronics & Safety provide some insights on the topic.

Achieving grid convergence in large internal-combustion engine simulations

Motivated by the untapped potential of high-performance computing tools for engine simulations, personnel from Convergent Science, Caterpillar Inc., and Argonne National Laboratory combined forces to carry out a series of engine simulations including a simulation of nearly 34 million cells that is believed to be the largest-ever diesel engine simulation.

Denso bringing driver monitoring to commercial-vehicle market

The supplier has released a more advanced driver monitor for large trucks and buses that can be integrated into new vehicles or ones now on the road. Initially released for Japan, it will be expanding to North America and other markets in 2019.

Shell’s Starship fuel-efficient Class 8 concept truck delivers

Dubbed the Starship Initiative, the collaborative project between Shell and Airflow Truck Co. was established to provide insight into what trucking fleets and owner/operators could consider adopting to help reduce fuel use and emissions as they haul heavy loads.