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All-wheel drive protection system

Safe Shift all-wheel drive protection system from Marmon-Herrington (Louisville, KY) is a proprietary electronic control system that prevents damage to axle, driveline, and transfer case components commonly caused by improper operation.

Electrified forklifts go big

Hoist Liftruck Manufacturing is bringing full electrification for some of the biggest forklift trucks, motivated only in part by regulatory pressures. They are also proving to be less expensive to operate versus their ICE counterparts.

VW completes launch of new Crafter commercial van range

Sales of front-wheel-drive models commenced earlier in 2017 and now, with the addition of rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive vans and chassis cabs, Volkswagen is pushing for growth at the heavier end of its van lineup.

IAV brings variable valvetrains to heavy duty

A switchable system for toggling between different cam lobes offers variable valve timing and lift to improve both fuel economy and exhaust gas aftertreatment in heavy-duty engines.

Mack hits the highway with style and technology

Mack Trucks is making a major play to increase its market share in long-haul commercial trucking with Anthem, which combines aerodynamics and modern technical features with Mack’s distinctive styling. The rollout is being supported by major investments in Mack’s manufacturing and customer service facilities.

WABCO, Nexteer collaborate to develop active steering systems for CVs

WABCO Holdings signed a long-term cooperation agreement in late August with Nexteer Automotive to collaborate on the development and supply of active steering systems for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles using Nexteer's advanced steering assistance technology.

Deep learning how to drive

Learning to drive as a teen is a rite of passage, my own experiences indelibly marked in my brain. But the “brain” learning to drive in the future won’t be blowing out sixteen candles, if Nvidia has its way. Deep learning is the perfect solution for self-driving vehicles, Nvidia’s Tri Huynh said at SAE COMVEC 17.

Level 3 automation not attractive for trucks

In his opening keynote address at SAE COMVEC 17 on Sept. 18, Dr. Johannes-Joerg Rueger, President of Commercial Vehicle and Off-Road at Bosch, noted that SAE Levels 4 and 5 for vehicle autonomy may be more attractive for commercial vehicles because they can help address the driver shortage and reduce operational costs.

Dynamic weighing system

The BinWeigh 03 dynamic onboard weighing system from VPG Onboard Weighing, a brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc., is approved for Class Y(b) use on waste collection truck fleets.

Pin Fin heat sinks

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.’s (ATS) family of Pin Fin heat sinks is designed as cost-effective solutions for systems with adequate airflow.

Heavy-duty v-profile clamps

Heavy-duty v-profile clamps from Oetiker operate reliably and safely under extreme conditions of stress, vibration, corrosion and temperature variation.