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Thermal shields

Interface Performance Materials has introduced two new thermal shields in the Select-a-Shield thermal product family—THH-1010 and TFP-3065—the first innovations in a series scheduled to be released through 2016.

Argonne centers to focus on expediting commercialization of technology

Recognizing the power of technologies such as energy storage and nanotechnology and seeking ways to accelerate their impact, Argonne has created two new collaborative centers that it is hoping will provide an innovative pathway for business and industry to speed discoveries to market.

Software's growth shines spotlight on eliminating defects

Software’s becoming a greater factor in vehicle development, prompting a heightened focus on reducing the number of defects in code. Early planning, discipline, and continuous attention to detail are a few of the techniques that can help design teams eliminate defects.

Two-way communication system

The Sensear Heavy Vehicle Communication Solution enables clear transmission of two-way radio communications and stereo audio for operating heavy vehicles at any industrial site.

APUs save fuel, serve as driver retention tool

Without idling the truck’s main engines, an auxiliary power unit can provide heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cab and sleeper, as well as power laptops, gaming machines, and microwaves. Fleets need to provide drivers with the ability to maintain their wanted comfort level on the road while also ensuring resources are being used wisely.

Fuel-saving KERS for big-rig trucks

French start-up Adgero aims to retrofit rail-compatible semi-trailers with ultracapacitor-based hybrid drive units. The Adgero Hybrid System, it is claimed, is the first kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) for heavy-duty trucks.

Case shifts to enhanced communications, LEDs

Case IH has enhanced its electronic features and functions, adding ISOBUS Class 3 capabilities and beefing up its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) communications technology.

GHG Phase 2 regs, autonomous vehicles present challenges, opportunities

Dr. Phil Stephenson, General Manager of PACCAR Technical Center, and co-chairman for the SAE 2015 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress (ComVEC), discusses several major topics affecting on- and off-highway commercial vehicles, including emissions regulations, embedded software, 24-V electrification, operator assistance technologies, and cybersecurity.

Customizing, updating software gets easier

Programmers are constantly finding new ways to make it simpler to alter software—whether they’re changing programs for a new vehicle or updating software in the field.