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Connectivity a core pillar at Navistar

Navistar CIO Terry Kline talks about the company’s vehicle connectivity strategy and its new over-the-air reprogramming for improved uptime, which it claims is an industry-first technology for heavy trucks.

HMIs offer something for everyone

Equipment buyers typically focus on factors like horsepower and lifting capability, but human-machine interfaces may be the most important factor for off-highway vehicle operators.

Hybrid variety in off-highway

Perhaps the most interesting point about hybrids in the off-highway market is the sheer variety of architectures and energy storage choices.

CAD toolbox

Maplesoft has released the MapleSim CAD Toolbox, which allows CAD models to be easily imported into MapleSim for system-level modeling of mechanical designs.

Daimler Trucks' lessons learned from SuperTruck program

Daimler Trucks North America has referred to its $40 million, five-year SuperTruck program that concluded earlier this year as “a playground for our engineers.” Overseeing this playground’s development and integration activities was Derek Rotz, the Principal Investigator who was hired in 2010 when the program kicked off. He spoke with SAE Magazines about the challenges, lessons learned, and their ongoing work.

Evaluating new forestry machines in a fraction of the time

Skogforsk (the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden) has funded a KTH research initiative intended to help improve the suspension of forestry machines with the goal of achieving significant productivity improvements. KTH’s mission is to streamline the design process by validating the capability to simulate the operation of forestry machines under real-world operating conditions.

Fiber laser system

Prima Power has introduced the Laserdyne 430 Versa 3D fiber laser system with third-generation BeamDirector, designed for the typical laser processing needs of tool rooms, model shops, and R&D centers of manufacturers.

Hot-stamping process from Schuler employs flexible 'pressure controlled hardening'

The German equipment supplier’s new PCHflex technology reportedly allows economical production of hot-stamped parts with high output performance, part quality, and maximum availability. A U.S. car manufacturer has already placed an order with Schuler for four production lines to manufacture lightweight parts using PCHflex, which is also suitable for producing parts on heavy-duty vehicles.

Inertial measurement unit

Tamagawa Seiki has launched a series of automotive and industrial-grade inertial measurement units for affordable high-performance applications.