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OneWeb ramps up satellite production with new round of funding

OneWeb has secured $1.25 billion in its latest funding round. The company, which seeks to deploy a satellite communication network by 2021 that will enable global high-speed, low-latency Internet access, has now raised a total of $3.4 billion to fund its mission. Tokyo-based Softbank Group Corp., Mexico’s Grupos Salinas, San Deigo-based Qualcomm Technologies Inc., and the Government of Rwanda led the last round of funding.

Advancing aftertreatment

Engineers push for more efficient, cost-effective, and smaller aftertreatment systems for off-highway diesel engines, addressing challenges such as better particulate filtering and low-temp NOx conversion.

Streamlined HMIs do more with less

Developers of human-machine interface (HMI) designs for heavy-duty trucks and machinery trade multiple knobs and buttons for cleaner input techniques.

Filtering out common mode noise with monolithic EMI filters

Some OEMs are finding that the traditional solutions for eliminating EMI/RFI are no longer sufficient given increases in operating circuit frequency, noises of higher frequencies that expand the affected frequency range, and the miniaturization of electronic devices that shrink the distance between source and device. This is leading many OEMs to employ monolithic EMI filters instead of traditional options.