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700 miles, hands-free!

GM’s Super Cruise turns drivers into passengers in a well-engineered first step toward greater vehicle autonomy.

Boeing to leverage Aurora acquisition for technical know-how

The technology-driven Aurora has been involved in numerous NASA programs since its founding in 1989, and as recently as October 24 announced that it had been awarded a contract to perform a comprehensive evaluation of NASA’s Single-aisle Turboelectric Aircraft with Aft Boundary Layer propulsion aircraft concept, and is also renowned for its work on the D8 and DARPA's XV-24A.

Suppliers take the tech lead

Tier 1s and their partners are driving autonomy’s technology bus. Six execs talk about their roles.

Streamlining advanced composites testing

Fiber orientation in composites makes material properties assessments disproportionately more complex than for other materials, such as metals and plastics. To conduct demanding quality-control fatigue tests on glass-fiber composite aerospace specimens, Zwick Roell developed an electro-dynamic, liner-drive testing machine.

Three-stream engine architecture eyed for next-gen military aircraft

Being able to take advantage of a third stream of air that can be modulated to adapt an engine's performance across the flight envelope allows a fighter to access an on-demand increase in thrust or to smoothly shift to highly efficient operations during cruise.

Jewel-like lens highlights Ford F-150 LED headlamp

Ford is using a highly engineered lens with 16 precision optical surfaces and 80 facets in the upcoming 2015 F-150's headlamp to re-create as much as possible a daytime quality of light after the sun goes down. The automaker says no other light-duty pickup truck on the road today uses LED headlamps.

Carbon and stainless steel solutions

Out of the nearly 1500 technical papers being presented this year at the SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition, about 200 of them will focus on materials, and from a wide range of angles. In all, there will be 38 technical sessions with an emphasis on materials.

Book explores use of aerodynamics in cars, trucks, trains

SAE International’s “Theory and Applications of Aerodynamics for Ground Vehicles” provides an introduction to ground vehicle aerodynamics and methodically guides the reader through the various aspects of the subject.