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Broader data sharing for connected transportation will require widespread collaboration

As populations in sprawling urban areas rise, commuting will become a bigger challenge. Connected cars are likely to leverage connectivity to help commuters reach destinations using different modes of transportation, further driving development teams to collaborate more extensively within their companies and with outsiders from many fields.

MEMS wafer inspection

Sonoscan’s AW322 200 automated system for ultrasonic inspection of MEMS wafers images and identifies internal gap-type defects down to 5µm in size.

Isuzu takes high-level approach to T4F solutions

Depending on which off-highway engine manufacturer you’re talking to, it is either an advantage that its teams of engineers design specifically and solely for the off-highway industry, or it is an advantage that its teams of engineers design for both the on- and off-highway industries.

The science of eliminating EV “whine cellars”

There is no excuse for gear noise in any electrified vehicle drivetrain, asserts an expert in driveline NVH. The solution is in a systems approach and thorough root-cause analysis at the design stage. (For more detailed images, click on the arrow at the upper right corner of this box.)

Industrial amplifier

HBM Inc.’s new industrial measurement amplifier enables users to make precise, dynamic measurements of raw and filtered torque, frequency, pulse, speed, and angle of rotation.

Brothers win Eaton's top innovation awards for advanced technologies

A pair of brothers, who are both employees at Eaton and SAE International members, have each won Eaton’s “Gamechanger” Award—the company’s highest recognition for employees who drive breakthrough results—for their work on different advanced technologies that enable significant fuel savings benefits.

Graphene composites for cars

Polymer composites reinforced with the "wonder material" graphene could cut structural weight by a third or more, researchers claim.