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Supercharging advances with clutches

With an electromagnetic clutch located between the drive pulley and supercharger rotors, the blower can be disengaged during idle, light throttle, and cruising situations.

V-Charging aims to add muscle to downsized engines

Can a supercharger with a mechanical variable speed drive give a downsized engine the performance “feel” of a larger-displacement, naturally-aspirated unit without sacrificing efficiency? A joint U.K. research project aims to find out.

Propulsion performance model for efficient supersonic aircraft

For the design process of the class of aircraft known as an efficient supersonic air vehicle, particular attention must be paid to the propulsion system design as a whole, including installation effects integrated into a vehicle performance model.

Compact motors

Benefiting from Poclain Hydraulics’ know-how in turret rotation solutions, the new range of MZ motors are more “concentrated” for integration into machines like mini and medium-sized excavators, where space for hydraulic features is limited.

Hyundai enhances NVH with 2016 Tucson’s re-engineered suspension—including ‘world first’ dual-member damper housing

No area of the third-generation Tucson crossover utility vehicle was left untouched by Hyundai engineers, but particular attention was placed on re-engineering the chassis for improved ride and handling, and importantly, better NVH characteristics. The CUV employs a dual-reinforcing panel rear wheelhouse design, which optimizes panels that are prone to vibration, resulting in a 109% increase in rigidity.

Flexible, modular robo-EV

What happens when a team of software and robotics "nerds" from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence design a self-driving electric microcar?

Northrop Grumman and Green Hills Software part of H-1 upgrades

The lightweight, open-architecture FlightPro Gen III mission computer integrates advanced mission, weapons, and video-processing capabilities into a conduction-cooled, high-performance airborne computer capable of driving four independent, multi-function displays.

Spot welding of non-ferrous metals

Coldwater Machine’s new SpotMeld system is based on Refill Friction Stir Spot Weld technology. The system enables spot welding of aluminum (1000-7000 series), magnesium, non-ferrous, and dissimilar sheet materials.

Jaguar Design Director on the shape of things to come

Ian Callum joined Jaguar in 1999, where he and his team created, among others, the R-Coupe, RD-6, C-X75, and C-X17 concepts. His Jaguar production model list spans, chronologically, the last generation XK (2006), followed by the XF, XJ, and the F-Type, in coupe and convertible forms. Now, Callum has led his team to create the new XF and future Jaguars.