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Challenges ahead: cybersecurity and the aerospace supply chain

The same way technology opens the doors for speed, efficiency, and convenience, it offers the unintended opportunity for malicious cyberattacks, with threat agents becoming bolder. Supply chains, now being targeted as a pathway to the vital core of organizations around the world, have become a vital part of the industry’s cybersecurity strategy, says Kirsten Koepsel, author of SAE International’s latest book, The Aerospace Supply Chain and Cyber Security – Challenges Ahead, now available.

Blue Origin Mission 9 a success

Blue Origin’s New Shepard flew for the ninth time this week, completing a test of the crew capsule escape motor. This launch achieved the highest elevation that Blue Orbit has achieved during an incremental build-up of system capabilities.

Boeing debuts first hypersonic passenger aircraft concept

Officials and engineers at Boeing in Seattle are offering a glimpse into their vision for hypersonic air travel. They have released, for the first time, images of one of the company’s hypersonic air vehicle concepts for potential military and commercial passenger transport.

Mentor design tool simplifies J1939 development

The explosion of electronic functions on commercial vehicles is driving an expansion of vehicle networks, making network design and configuration an important factor in electronic architectures. Mentor has unveiled a model-based design tool that it says can improve network design efficiency by as much as 90%.

U.K. Space Agency partners with industry to advance spaceflight program

U.K. Space Agency officials in Swindon, England, are partnering with Lockheed Martin in Bethesda, Md., to execute several strategic projects to support the U.K. Spaceflight Program, with a goal of building its first commercial spaceport in Scotland and achieving its first vertical space launch in the early 2020s.

Big data takes to the skies

Rhonda Walthall’s groundbreaking work has resulted in more than 90 airlines sharing data for nearly 3000 aircraft. And now, she’s spearheading the development of Ascentia, a new tool that’s built on the foundation of ASHM, integrates more data sources, and is cloud based to allow for the use of big data.

ADAS features expand role, V2V looms

Truck owners and commercial-vehicle suppliers are ramping up their safety efforts, making more advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) standard while looking at the potential benefits of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications.

ISS launches largest satellite to date to test active debris removal

Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) have launched RemoveDEBRIS, the first satellite with space debris-removal capabilities and the largest satellite ever deployed from the ISS. RemoveDEBRIS, a low Earth orbit test bed for determining the efficacy of active debris removal (ADR) systems, is a multinational effort involving space agencies, aerospace experts, and technologies from throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the U.S.