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Custom wheel rims

Wheel rim components made of 3/4-in steel plate in diameters to 40 in (1016 mm) and larger for use on tractors and other off-highway vehicles are fabricated by Acme Metal Spinning. Available in quantities of five to a few hundred or more, these components are fabricated using Acme’s advanced metal spinning processes.

4G LTE-enabled information module

Huawei’s 4G LTE-enabled HUAWEI ME909T mobile broadband product supports web surfing, data analysis, and information transmission within vehicles.

Suzuki solves CAE data-storage challenge

Working with SCSK Corp. to address challenges of its Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) storage system, Suzuki Motor Corp. has deployed a DataDirect Networks (DDN) Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) high-performance storage engine and GRIDScaler parallel file system.

Predicting cavitation in fuel pumps

Liquid ring pumps are used in aircraft fuel systems in conjunction with main impeller pumps and are used for priming the pump system as well as to remove fuel vapor and air from the fuel.

Boeing examines expanded metal foils for lightning protection of composite structures

A widely used material for lightning strike protection of CFRP structures within the aerospace industry is expanded metal foil (EMF). An issue with EMF is micro cracking of the paint, which can result in corrosion of the metal foil and subsequent loss of conductivity. Boeing researchers examined the issues of stress and displacement in the composite structure layup, which contribute to paint cracking caused by aircraft thermal cycling.

QT-steels make an impact

The use of quenched and tempered steels for dumper bodies reduces weight and fuel consumption while increasing payload capacity and wear life.

2015 VW Golf GTE plug-in hybrid is a smooth operator

Volkswagen spreads its Audi A3 e-tron PHEV powertrain to the new Golf GTE. Powertrain control from ICE to electric drive is silky indeed, and EV range is worthy of a good city car. But system cost is significant in a VW-badged vehicle.