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Ams sensor line provides more accurate motor control

As the number of electric motors in vehicles grows, the company is responding with its 47 series family of magnetic position sensors that features Dynamic Angle Error Compensation for reduced measurement error attributable to propagation delay compared to systems that rely on DSPs or microcontrollers to determine position.

Competition winners react to attaining coveted F1 engineering roles

Eric LaRoche, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland from Hamilton Square, NJ; and Jason Zide, a senior at USC from Laguna Beach, CA, along with William Priest from Chesham, Buckinghamshire, U.K., were selected as winners of the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy, earning a year work placement with four-time Formula One World Champions Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

Climate control engineers face new CAFE test

AC17 test reporting begins in 2015. Initially it "gifts" applicable CAFE A/C efficiency credits, but leads to mandatory use. Industry also looks to reduce A/C-induced EV range loss from solar loading using films, glass, pre-ventilation.

VW emissions scandal will impact future engine controls, testing

Engineers should expect government regulators in the U.S. and Europe to more strictly enforce existing rules and tighten emission-testing protocols, close gaps between laboratory and real-world testing, and perform more spot checks that can catch abuse after new vehicle models are approved for sale.

Composites and economic success

SAE International’s book, Economics of Composites, captures the state of the composites industry to assist engineering/technical professionals in charting a course for achieving economic success.

Brushed motor pre-driver IC

The TB9052FNG motor pre-driver integrated circuit (IC) from Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) was developed for safety-critical automotive applications such as electric power steering (EPS) and other systems compliant with Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL D).