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Opel designs a new Astra

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Malcolm Ward, Opel/Vauxhall Exterior Design Director, talked to Automotive Engineering on how the new car uses the Opel design language dubbed "Sculptural Artistry."

Porsche unveils new downsized, boosted 3.0-L boxer six

Porsche's all-new turbocharged flat-six engines for the 2016 911 Carrera and Carrera S are full of technology tricks for more power and fuel efficiency. Will anyone miss the unblown 3.4-L and 3.8-L units they replace?

Lighter, more powerful 3rd-gen Pilot debuts Honda’s NPD process

The 2016 SUV is nearly 300 lb (136 kg) lighter than its predecessor, yet maintains its high safety standard thanks to a new-generation ACE body structure and the available Honda Sensing suite of advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies. Honda also debuted its digital product development-and-manufacturing process with the new Pilot.

APUs save fuel, serve as driver retention tool

Without idling the truck’s main engines, an auxiliary power unit can provide heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cab and sleeper, as well as power laptops, gaming machines, and microwaves. Fleets need to provide drivers with the ability to maintain their wanted comfort level on the road while also ensuring resources are being used wisely.

High-integrity, low-cost aluminum components produced by semi-solid casting

Semi-solid casting is a near-net shape casting process that is capable of producing extremely high-quality castings. It differs from all other casting processes as it does not use fully liquid metal to produce the castings, instead using a feed material that is preferably about 50% solid and 50% liquid.

Acoustic engine layer

Basotect TG melamine foam from BASF is used for the acoustic layer in Volkswagen EA888 engine covers.

2016 Pentastar V6 adds new VVT, cooled EGR

FCA powertrain engineers have shaved weight and increased the efficiency and power of their do-it-all V6, while preparing it for possible DI turbocharged duty in the not-so-distant future.

New Astra is Opel-Vauxhall's "no excuses" car

General Motors’ European duo, Opel and Vauxhall, have created a convincingly fresh design and engineering challenge to Volkswagen’s ubiquitous Golf and Ford’s Focus. It's no mean feat.

Hino tweaks materials to improve wear resistance of synchromesh gears, sleeves by 45%

Automatic transmissions with a synchronized mesh mechanism are becoming more commonplace in commercial vehicles, but there is a strong need to increase the wear resistance of sleeves and dog gears, which are subject to impact loads at high surface pressures. Hino Motors engineers achieved a 45% reduction in wear in actual parts with B, Ti-Nb added to steel.

Can ads help in vehicle-to-vehicle rollout?

During the long development of vehicle-to-vehicle/-infrastructure, design teams have looked at many ways to cover costs. Some observers feel that advertising may be sent to vehicles to help offset some of the cost. That’s especially true for vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, which will require roadside beacons., and DSRC data sent to data-processing centers. Ads could help pay for these installations.

Fuel-saving KERS for big-rig trucks

French start-up Adgero aims to retrofit rail-compatible semi-trailers with ultracapacitor-based hybrid drive units. The Adgero Hybrid System, it is claimed, is the first kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) for heavy-duty trucks.

Mercedes' concept stresses connectivity, record-breaking aerodynamics

The Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile), which the German automaker also calls the “Digital Transformer,” was developed in less than 10 months thanks to Mercedes' advances in "digitalization." The car is claimed to have a record-breaking Cd value for a four-door, four-seater of 0.19, and also enables autonomous driving and car-to-x communication.