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High-performance roto-translating valve for fault-tolerant applications

Researchers from Imamoter have developed a new concept hydraulic spool valve that allows the design of new safer and more compact hydraulic circuit architectures, ensuring higher safety performance levels. The architecture presents advantages both from performance (precision, fastness) and operational points of view.

Mitsubishi puts NVH in 2016 Outlander's crosshairs

Two years after the third-generation Mitsubishi Outlander arrived in the U.S. market, the crossover utility vehicle was revised for the 2016 MY with new signature front-end styling and 100-plus engineering and design changes.

Battling the high cost of EV batteries

Huge factories and technical improvements are slowly pushing battery pack costs down toward the $100/kW·h turning point that's expected to democratize electrified vehicles.

Additive manufacturing startup added to Ford’s research roster

Ford is jumping on the additive manufacturing bandwagon, teaming up with a startup that claims its 3D manufacturing system makes parts 25 to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing systems. The automaker is using additive processes to make tooling and may eventually use them to make production parts.

Accelerated testing of embedded software code leverages AUTOSAR and virtual validation

The AUTOSAR standard is all about improving embedded electronic systems in vehicles, but did you know that it also promotes the early testing of software code? The early testing and validation of embedded software reduces the number of ECU prototypes and additional test systems needed down the road, and it benefits the whole development process.

Low-thermal-expansion epoxy

EpoxySet Inc. has released the EB-315 low-thermal-expansion epoxy, which can be used as an adhesive or encapsulant for semiconductors and other microelectronics, a gasket sealing compound, wire bonder, or for any application where temperature cycling between -55 and +230°C (-67 and +446°F) is required.

Wheel motion sensor

Applus IDIADA listened to customer feedback in developing its new DynaWheel-III device, focusing on making the system even more reliable and easy-to-use. The wheel position measurement system is composed of two separate parts: the mechanical arms with six absolute optical encoders and the new electronic box (DW-Box), providing real-time calculation of wheel position.

FEV shows compact DCT for FWD vehicles

The new generation of dual-clutch transmissions, called the xDCT family, is claimed to offer reduced transmission mass, lower complexity/cost, improved fuel consuption, and better launch characteristics for front-drive vehicles.

LiuGong builds commitment to R&D into new China hub

At Intermat, LiuGong announced that it was in a 60-day countdown before its new Global Research and Development Center opens in June at Liuzhou, also home to the company's global headquarters.

With connectivity comes cyber security concerns

As connectivity expands throughout the transportation industry, it’s transforming security from door locks to firewalls and antivirus programs. Aircraft and ground vehicle representatives discussed the topic during the “Technical Expert Panel Discussion: With connectivity, comes risks - cybersecurity and safety” at the 2015 SAE World Congress.

Designing toward future-proof technology

Demands for optimized fuel usage, higher efficiency, and cost reduction set the trends for innovation in the off-highway sector, says ZF's Hermann Beck.