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Hino tweaks materials to improve wear resistance of synchromesh gears, sleeves by 45%

Automatic transmissions with a synchronized mesh mechanism are becoming more commonplace in commercial vehicles, but there is a strong need to increase the wear resistance of sleeves and dog gears, which are subject to impact loads at high surface pressures. Hino Motors engineers achieved a 45% reduction in wear in actual parts with B, Ti-Nb added to steel.

Re-phasing hydraulic cylinders

Bailey International offers a line of Chief TCR re-phasing hydraulic cylinders that are engineered to be a high-quality, value-priced solution for OEM agricultural applications such as seeding, tilling, fertilization, and harvesting where synchronization is needed to lift separate loads.

Advanced simulation aids heavy-truck aerodynamics

There is more pressure than ever on heavy-truck engineers to find and create significant improvements in fuel economy and reduce tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions. Aerodynamic opportunities exist with technologies such as active grille shutters and truck platooning—and simulation will help to optimize these designs.

High-voltage, high-current connectors

Amphenol Industrial Products Group’s ePower connectors series, rated at 800 V dc to 1000 V dc, now includes right angle overmolded connectors for 200 A and 400 A connection systems.

Thermal shields

Interface Performance Materials has introduced two new thermal shields in the Select-a-Shield thermal product family—THH-1010 and TFP-3065—the first innovations in a series scheduled to be released through 2016.

Customizing, updating software gets easier

Programmers are constantly finding new ways to make it simpler to alter software—whether they’re changing programs for a new vehicle or updating software in the field.

New pulse lines for LEAP engine production

Snecma is preparing its supply chain and industrial capabilities for an unprecedented production ramp-up of its LEAP engine, already considered the best selling new engine ever a year before entry into service.

Northrop Grumman and Green Hills Software part of H-1 upgrades

The lightweight, open-architecture FlightPro Gen III mission computer integrates advanced mission, weapons, and video-processing capabilities into a conduction-cooled, high-performance airborne computer capable of driving four independent, multi-function displays.

Lightweighting focus for TE's connectivity solutions

TE Connectivity’s aluminum COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices provide fast, easy terminations for aerospace applications, while reducing weight up to 60%. The company's INSTALITE RoHS-compliant braid, which offers high electrical performance over a range of frequencies, is up to 50% lighter than traditional braid.