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Electric linear actuator

The LA33 electric linear actuator from LINAK is a mid-range device that combines compact design and high power in one solution fit for use in the most extreme environments.

Lockheed looks to improve efficiency with Ubisense IIoT solution

As Lockheed Martin Aeronautics ramps up production of its fifth-generation F-35 fighter program, it is also looking to improve manufacturing efficiency. This month, the company has licensed Ubisense SmartSpace for deployment at its Fort Worth, TX facility.

Self-lubricating sliding bearings

Following in-house tribological testing and customer-specific field investigations, Federal-Mogul Powertrain's deva.tex self-lubricating composite bearings are being commercialized for use in construction machines, agricultural vehicles and other special-purpose vehicles, such as road sweepers.

IAV brings variable valvetrains to heavy duty

A switchable system for toggling between different cam lobes offers variable valve timing and lift to improve both fuel economy and exhaust gas aftertreatment in heavy-duty engines.

Jet Aviation, Honeywell partner on business jet avionics

Jet Aviation has developed a supplemental type certificate through the European Aviation Safety Agency to update aging cockpit displays on Dassault Falcon and Cessna Citation business jets with Honeywell DU-875 LCD units.

Manufacturing systems get smart, self heal

In an EU-funded project called SelSus, 15 industrial and scientific consortium partners are developing maintenance technology capable of forecasting machine downtimes in production before they occur. This will allow plant managers to rectify faults before the machine breaks down.

Shape memory alloys at the core of future aircraft systems

Engineers at NASA and Boeing are amongst the believers who foresee folding wings in-flight using advanced materials and technologies being a potential game-changer for future aircraft. The two organization have teamed to develop an actuation system that uses an SMA that will accomplish this goal using less complex, lighter, and more compact hardware than conventional systems.

Super vacuum die casting to the rescue via improved quality, reduced costs

Due to greater demand for lighter weight products to reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and cost, industries are continuously improving existing products. The net shape capability of emerging technologies presents challenges to traditional casting design, which begs the question: can existing casting methods continue as an industry staple while methodologies improve?

Military, suppliers focus on long-term technical advances, compatibility

Equipment developers are moving quickly to ensure that military users will have long-term access to boards and modules that provide higher performance, easy replacement, and reduced costs. Board and system designers adopting new technologies are standardizing interconnection layouts to ensure that boards designed by various suppliers can be used to upgrade systems as technology advances.

Volvo Penta debuts two new off-highway engines

Developed in coordination with the Volvo Group, the D5 and D8 engines feature a newly designed platform with a larger displacement compared to previous versions. The new engines offer improved an engine block stiffness and higher torque at low speed.

Low-alloy steel for injection molding

Product designers and engineers can now get injection-molded low-alloy steel prototypes and low-volume production parts at Proto Labs, Inc., to complement the company’s existing stainless steel materials for injection molding.

Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator 757 used to get the bugs out

Boeing is in the midst of several months of flights with its ecoDemonstrator 757 in a first-round effort to evaluate new technologies in 2015 that are expected to reduce environmental effects on natural laminar flow as a way to improve aerodynamic efficiency while reducing noise and carbon emissions.