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Predicting cavitation in fuel pumps

Liquid ring pumps are used in aircraft fuel systems in conjunction with main impeller pumps and are used for priming the pump system as well as to remove fuel vapor and air from the fuel.

Heavy-duty connectors

Amphenol Industrial Products improves its 9-way AT circular series receptacle line by adding a smaller flanged model.

Simulation software

AVX has released a new version of its SpiCalci simulation software, an engineering tool that calculates performance characteristics and parameters for its switch mode power supply capacitors.

Pressure switch

Gems Sensors & Controls’ Model PS61P subminiature pressure switch offers reliable medium-to-high pressure monitoring in space-constrained applications.

Boeing examines expanded metal foils for lightning protection of composite structures

A widely used material for lightning strike protection of CFRP structures within the aerospace industry is expanded metal foil (EMF). An issue with EMF is micro cracking of the paint, which can result in corrosion of the metal foil and subsequent loss of conductivity. Boeing researchers examined the issues of stress and displacement in the composite structure layup, which contribute to paint cracking caused by aircraft thermal cycling.

Steer radial tire

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions has launched the Bridgestone R244 all-position steer radial tire. The new tire meets the demands of dump trucks and concrete mixer truck fleets that spend a higher percentage of their miles in on-highway use.

Real-time jobsite management

Topcon Positioning Group launched in 2013 a new web portal,, designed specifically for general construction and engineering companies. The subscription web-based service—accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone—is a real-time visualization and communications tool that allows users to access jobsite status, create new or update jobsite parameters, and view movement of machines on the job.

Design software targets germs, dry air

Concerns about airborne diseases and flu pandemics coupled with increasing passenger concerns about environmental conditions are prompting some aircraft designers to take a closer look at ventilation systems. In many instances, improvements in air quality and cleanliness are being expedited by using design tools such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Precision digital pressure gauge

The Palmer model PTG200 digital pressure gauge from Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group is an excellent substitute for mechanical precision pointer pressure gauges.

Falcon 5X gets advanced avionics

Dassault Aviation has built into its upcoming Falcon 5X flight controls and displays experience not only from the Falcon family of business jets but also from the Rafale multi-role combat fighter.