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Disruptive flight control technology on trial

One of the most significant developments in aircraft control since the wing warping of the Wright Brothers made way for movable control surfaces has been announced by Manchester University in the U.K., in association with BAE Systems.

Medium, light duty truck markets heat up

A host of new light and medium-duty truck rollouts are increasing competition and giving vocational truck customers a broader range of options. OEMs are focused on improving customer comfort and making it simpler for upfitters to customize vehicles.

Researchers develop new carbide coating for hypersonic flight

Researchers from the University of Manchester have designed and fabricated a carbide coating that can withstand the speed and temperature associated with hypersonic travel. To develop the unique coating—a type of ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC)—the researchers collaborated with China’s Central South University.

Deep learning how to drive

Learning to drive as a teen is a rite of passage, my own experiences indelibly marked in my brain. But the “brain” learning to drive in the future won’t be blowing out sixteen candles, if Nvidia has its way. Deep learning is the perfect solution for self-driving vehicles, Nvidia’s Tri Huynh said at SAE COMVEC 17.

Heavy-duty v-profile clamps

Heavy-duty v-profile clamps from Oetiker operate reliably and safely under extreme conditions of stress, vibration, corrosion and temperature variation.

Navistar, VW pursue common electric powertrain, global connectivity platform

Navistar president and CEO Troy Clarke recently signaled an acceleration of new product offerings and integrations stemming from its partnership with Volkswagen Truck & Bus. Chief among these activities is to converge the two companies’ connectivity activities and to develop an electric-powered, medium-duty vehicle for the U.S. by late 2019 or early 2020.

Jet Aviation, Honeywell partner on business jet avionics

Jet Aviation has developed a supplemental type certificate through the European Aviation Safety Agency to update aging cockpit displays on Dassault Falcon and Cessna Citation business jets with Honeywell DU-875 LCD units.

Manufacturing systems get smart, self heal

In an EU-funded project called SelSus, 15 industrial and scientific consortium partners are developing maintenance technology capable of forecasting machine downtimes in production before they occur. This will allow plant managers to rectify faults before the machine breaks down.

Shape memory alloys at the core of future aircraft systems

Engineers at NASA and Boeing are amongst the believers who foresee folding wings in-flight using advanced materials and technologies being a potential game-changer for future aircraft. The two organization have teamed to develop an actuation system that uses an SMA that will accomplish this goal using less complex, lighter, and more compact hardware than conventional systems.

Military, suppliers focus on long-term technical advances, compatibility

Equipment developers are moving quickly to ensure that military users will have long-term access to boards and modules that provide higher performance, easy replacement, and reduced costs. Board and system designers adopting new technologies are standardizing interconnection layouts to ensure that boards designed by various suppliers can be used to upgrade systems as technology advances.

Paccar reveals new and future tech at CES 2018

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Paccar's Peterbilt unit reveals an SAE Level 4 autonomous demonstrator and Kenworth shows a fuel-cell-powered Class 8 that's ready for road-testing.

Hybrid propulsion to get closer with the E-Fan X

The E-Fan X demonstrator will look at and explore all the challenges of developing a high-power propulsion system, including thermal effects, electric thrust management, altitude and dynamic effects on electric systems, and other issues such as electromagnetic compatibility. The objective is to push forward and mature the technology, performance, safety, and reliability of hybrid-electric technology.

Innovate, collaborate, adapt—find a way to space

Large, traditional satellites require complex systems and often a dedicated launch vehicle to place them in orbit. The immense costs associated with these endeavors have led to growing demand for cost effective “nanosatellites.” A multitude of various companies are innovating and adapting to meet that demand, including Monroeville, NC-based CRP USA.

Caterpillar launches first-ever UTV

Built from the ground up in response to customer and dealer feedback, Caterpillar’s first-ever utility vehicle (UTV) models will be available in summer 2018 in both gasoline- and diesel-powered versions.