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High-temp fluorosilicone elastomers

Dow Corning unveiled a significant enhancement to its Silastic fluorosilicone rubber (FSR) portfolio at the SAE 2015 World Congress, developing a more heat-resistant technology for applications in which temperatures exceed 220°C (428°F).

Electrohydraulic power steering pursued for heavy-duty vehicles

Researchers from Tsinghua University propose a new type of EHPS system suitable for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, with the purpose of reducing the power demand of an electric motor while guaranteeing sufficient power assist. The motor is only activated on-demand, which also helps to improve fuel economy.

Diesel with PFF

At the bottom of FPT Industrial’s range, the customizable 2.2-L R22 engine, developed in partnership with VM Motori, features common rail fuel injection and a fixed geometry turbocharger with aftercooler and wastegate valve.

Temperature control systems

Julabo introduces two additional highly dynamic temperature control systems: the process circulators Presto A45 and A45t.

Bluetooth embedded amplifier for fluid power

Sun Hydraulics Corp. has announced a new way to configure embedded amplifiers without using a PC or connecting with wires, calling the development “a major advance in the fluid power industry.”

Lightweighting focus for TE's connectivity solutions

TE Connectivity’s aluminum COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices provide fast, easy terminations for aerospace applications, while reducing weight up to 60%. The company's INSTALITE RoHS-compliant braid, which offers high electrical performance over a range of frequencies, is up to 50% lighter than traditional braid.

Samsung test-drives 'see-through' truck

The company is looking at adjacent markets for its large video screens and sees the truck industry as a potential opportunity. The Safety Truck prototype was developed with the aim of improving road safety.

Northrop Grumman and Green Hills Software part of H-1 upgrades

The lightweight, open-architecture FlightPro Gen III mission computer integrates advanced mission, weapons, and video-processing capabilities into a conduction-cooled, high-performance airborne computer capable of driving four independent, multi-function displays.

High-temp dual valve controller

A new dual input, dual output valve controller from Axiomatic is operational up to 125°C (257°F) and suitable for installation under the hood of mobile equipment, agricultural and heavy-duty industrial machines.

Sierra Nevada breathes life into D328, determined to make it fly again, and evolve

Some 10 years since being out of production (some might say even nearly 15 years if one considers the demise of the plane’s originator), the Dornier 328, known for its ability to function on “unimproved runways” and “being easy to maintain in third-world countries,” is going back into production under at least the partial guidance of Sierra Nevada Corp., with a 628 on the radar.