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Trimming wiring harnesses becomes design focus

Wires and cables help design teams add electronic features and functions, but networks and wiring harnesses add a fair amount of weight while their connections can be the cause of failures. That’s prompting developers to examine ways to reduce the size and weight of wires and cables.

Climate control engineers face new CAFE test

AC17 test reporting begins in 2015. Initially it "gifts" applicable CAFE A/C efficiency credits, but leads to mandatory use. Industry also looks to reduce A/C-induced EV range loss from solar loading using films, glass, pre-ventilation.

Audi TT designed for the digital age driver

The all-new sports car poses a crucial question: Is it too clever by half? Dr. Andre Ebner, who heads the company’s development of onboard systems, argues very strongly that it is not.

Powertrain sensors add functions, help reduce wiring

Sensors have become central elements in powertrains as designers add functions from stop-start to double clutches. More stringent fuel efficiency and emissions requirements are driving many changes in sensor technologies as well as in cabling and standards.

Ams sensor line provides more accurate motor control

As the number of electric motors in vehicles grows, the company is responding with its 47 series family of magnetic position sensors that features Dynamic Angle Error Compensation for reduced measurement error attributable to propagation delay compared to systems that rely on DSPs or microcontrollers to determine position.

In-dash multimedia and navigation system

Clarion Corp. of America’s NX604 Double DIN cloud-connected in-dash multimedia and navigation system is the latest in Clarion’s advanced line-up of cloud-connected systems.