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Altair optimizes 3D-printed structures for complex, lightweight designs

The company expects to better support the use of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, by releasing new OptiStruct solver capabilities for topology optimization. The company claims this new technology is the first tool developed specifically for designers of lattice structures.

Cadillac’s 2016 CT6 is a body-engineering benchmark

GM's all-new premium flagship sedan is about 200 lb (91 kg) lighter than the BMW 5 Series but offers the interior volume of the short-wheelbase 7 Series, thanks to what is arguably the industry’s most aggressive combination of lightweight materials, forming technologies, and new joining methods in a non-exotic sedan.

HMI’s simple challenge: control everything possible without any difficulty

Car buyers want a human-machine interface that lets them bring in personal devices and perform all kinds of tasks whenever they want, and they don’t want to have to read a manual or spend time learning how to manage their many options. Panelists grappled with solutions to this vexing challenge during a 2015 SAE World Congress panel.

Cars look inside themselves

Rear- and forward-facing cameras have made big inroads, but cameras that monitor interiors haven’t seen much acceptance. That may change, driven partially by the shift to semi-autonomous driving.

Top speed on Mars: 0.1 mph

The six-wheeled Curiosity rover exploring Mars' surface gets its instructions from a lead driver working inside the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. Matt Heverly, Curiosity’s lead driver, spoke to 2015 SAE World Congress attendees gathered Wednesday afternoon inside the Tech Hub on the main show floor.

CPT expects hiring binge

In advance of the 2015 SAE World Congress, Controlled Power Technologies said it could triple its current 50-person workforce as its portfolio of advanced technologies edge closer to commercialization reality.