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Compact high-shock 6DOF sensor

The 6DX PRO for gathering kinematic data for research and engineering validation was designed by DTS specifically for occupant dynamics and human injury assessment.

3D-printed parts fly on Airbus A350 XWB and ULA rockets

Additive manufacturing is making significant headway in aerospace production programs, as evidenced by recent announcements that Airbus and rocket manufacturer United Launch Alliance both are—or soon will be—flying aircraft that incorporate 3D-printed parts enabled by Stratasys.

Bosch developing new water-injection system for production engines

The WI system is in pilot development with a Bosch customer. Test results to date show a reduction of fuel consumption at high loads and low rpm (up to 4% improvement on the NEDC cycle); reduction or avoidance of fuel enrichment and lower exhaust-gas temperatures at high loads and high rpm, and improved torque.

Fiat demonstrates improved fuel efficiency with low-temperature liquid cooling loop

A second coolant loop in a Fiat Grande Punto prototype provides liquid cooling of the A/C condenser and turbo intercooler, with potential for including air coolers for engine and transmission oil, power steering fluid and other heat exchangers. Engineers measured a 5% improvement in fuel economy during A/C-on operation during NEDC testing.

Lightweighting focus for TE's connectivity solutions

TE Connectivity’s aluminum COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices provide fast, easy terminations for aerospace applications, while reducing weight up to 60%. The company's INSTALITE RoHS-compliant braid, which offers high electrical performance over a range of frequencies, is up to 50% lighter than traditional braid.

Software toolkit for HMI development

Elektrobit releases an easier-to-use toolkit that enables development of multimodal user interfaces with advanced graphics, plus voice-, touch-, and gesture-based commands, for sophisticated human-machine interface (HMI) systems.

JLR reveals some R&D secrets

Its programs include driver brain wave analysis, heart and respiration monitoring, safer autonomous driving, and added driver support.

Lighter Volvo XC90 is engineered for "premium cool"

The all-new 2016 XC90 is built on the mixed-materials SPA chassis and includes PHEV propulsion among its 4-cylinder-only powertrain packages. It shows the future direction of Volvo cars—including automated driving.