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Tension/compression load cell

The Model XLUS88 subminiature, bidirectional tension/compression load cell from tecsis LP operates from 150 g to 1000 lb.

Automotive voltage detectors

Seiko Instruments' new S-19110 series automotive voltage detectors are used in applications such as electronic control units for engines, transmissions, and suspensions; anti-lock brake systems, related electric vehicle equipment, and hybrid electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electronics.

Nissan develops high-volume, fully recyclable composite liftgate

Engineers from Nissan Technical Center NA detail the automaker's efforts to advance composite structural closures by developing and producing a high-volume, fully recyclable composite liftgate with low metal content, which debuted on the 2014 Rogue.

Competition winners react to attaining coveted F1 engineering roles

Eric LaRoche, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland from Hamilton Square, NJ; and Jason Zide, a senior at USC from Laguna Beach, CA, along with William Priest from Chesham, Buckinghamshire, U.K., were selected as winners of the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy, earning a year work placement with four-time Formula One World Champions Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

EPA uses ANSYS technology for reduced-emission test engine

In development of an advanced test engine to demonstrate fuel-saving and emissions-reducing technologies, the EPA is using ANSYS FORTÉ CFD software, giving its engineers the ability to quickly and inexpensively make multiple design iterations.

No shortcuts for verifying, validating aerospace system designs

Verifying the integrity of designs and ensuring that everything meets the original requirements is an important step in the design of products that meet safety requirements. As systems become more complex, it’s becoming more difficult to find all potential problems.