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Boeing examines expanded metal foils for lightning protection of composite structures

A widely used material for lightning strike protection of CFRP structures within the aerospace industry is expanded metal foil (EMF). An issue with EMF is micro cracking of the paint, which can result in corrosion of the metal foil and subsequent loss of conductivity. Boeing researchers examined the issues of stress and displacement in the composite structure layup, which contribute to paint cracking caused by aircraft thermal cycling.

Schaeffler tech demonstrator achieves 15% CO2 reduction

An independent testing institute recently confirmed a fuel-economy improvement of more than 15% on a MY2013 Ford Escape retrofitted with Schaeffler's AWD disconnect clutch and a number of other technologies that were designed and developed in North America.

Bose, NXP team up to hush powertrains

The team offers its noise-management capabilities to automakers so they can implement Bose Active Sound Management technology on vehicles that don’t have Bose speakers and amplifiers.

Sprint Velocity adding cloud-based features, offering retrofit

Its CalAmp-supplied module, which plugs into OBD II connector, can access vehicle data such as from the powertrain, but if given OE access, can offer more, including voice command of texting and browsing. With Access Via Mobile coming to Chrysler products later in 2014, popular smartphone apps also will be available on touchscreen.

Falcon 5X gets advanced avionics

Dassault Aviation has built into its upcoming Falcon 5X flight controls and displays experience not only from the Falcon family of business jets but also from the Rafale multi-role combat fighter.

4G LTE-enabled information module

Huawei’s 4G LTE-enabled HUAWEI ME909T mobile broadband product supports web surfing, data analysis, and information transmission within vehicles.

Tools reduce cycle time

BENZ Inc. has four new tooling systems: the LinA and LinS broaching tools, C-axis Angle Head, and Mini Flex-Angle Head.

Electronic horizon technology

A new version of Elektrobit's (EB's) Assist Electronic Horizon Solution features new functions that offer more flexibility for implementing predictive driver assistance systems.

Automotive voltage detectors

Seiko Instruments' new S-19110 series automotive voltage detectors are used in applications such as electronic control units for engines, transmissions, and suspensions; anti-lock brake systems, related electric vehicle equipment, and hybrid electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electronics.