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Road Rules, a San Francisco start-up, explores world of car APIs

A key to connecting smart phones to third-party software developers' mind-boggling array of mobile applications is the application programming interface. The husband and wife team behind Road Rules discuss discuss a range of topics from car hacking that is mostly overblown to apps that use more car data.

LEAP for Boeing 737 MAX makes first flight

At the end of April, Boeing and CFM International initiated flight testing of the LEAP-1B engine on a modified 747 flying testbed at GE Aviation Flight Test Operations.

Power connector system

Molex Inc. has introduced the Super Sabre Power Connector System for all high-current applications where flexible wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations are required.

HondaJet goes on show

An important element in its recent world tour was the participation of the new HondaJet at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE), held at Geneva, which was its first European appearance.

Toyota gives a look at its re-engineered 2016 Prius

Toyota's hybrid "set the global benchmark for hybrids, but now is breaking its own boundaries with more engaging style and fun-to-drive dynamics,” said Bill Fay, Group Vice President and General Manager, Toyota.

Cloud PLM solution

Infor Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Accelerate, powered by Aras, is a new PLM solution designed for automotive, industrial manufacturing, high-tech, and aerospace and defense customers.

Ford researches 'intelligent' lighting systems

The automaker is developing a camera-based lighting system that can automatically widen dipped beams at road junctions and roundabouts. It is also researching infrared image triggered spotlighting and an intelligent GPS linked system.

Helium leak detectors

Helium leak detection systems are helping transmission suppliers improve quality and reduce the cost of producing new automatic transmissions.

Elektrobit, Nvidia, and Infineon team up to tackle safety systems

Advanced driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly complex as developers add capabilities and enhance sophistication. That’s prompted the three companies to team up and offer an ADAS solution that can serve as a development platform for autonomous driving.

Jaguar’s making of a sports sedan

Senior engineering executives demonstrated to Automotive Engineering, on the fast Circuito de Navarra racetrack in northern Spain, that its new lightened, aerodynamically efficient 2016MY XF really is a “sports sedan.”

Hyundai enhances NVH with 2016 Tucson’s re-engineered suspension—including ‘world first’ dual-member damper housing

No area of the third-generation Tucson crossover utility vehicle was left untouched by Hyundai engineers, but particular attention was placed on re-engineering the chassis for improved ride and handling, and importantly, better NVH characteristics. The CUV employs a dual-reinforcing panel rear wheelhouse design, which optimizes panels that are prone to vibration, resulting in a 109% increase in rigidity.