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V-CR, water injection, new EGR methods top SAE engines symposium

Powertrain experts detailed the technologies they see as most promising to enable light-vehicle engines to meet global CO2 regulations through 2025, at the 2016 SAE High-Efficiency IC Engines Symposiumt. The list includes growing use of the Miller and Atkinson thermodynamic cycles, cooled EGR, and water injection, as well as variable compression ratio systems, dedicated EGR, and divided exhaust boosting.

Caterpillar eyes 3D printing for production parts

This past November Caterpillar opened its new Additive Manufacturing (AM) Factory at its Tech Center in Mossville, IL, to consolidate and expand its 3D printing activities. AM engineer Brittany Hancock recently gave Off-Highway Engineering a tour of the new facility and discussed the company’s current and future plans regarding the use of 3D printing technology.

Tesla's "affordable" Model 3 brings technology questions

Tesla engineers have previously talked about a potential mixed-materials strategy as they move down the retail-price ladder. The prospect of an aluminum-intensive Model 3 raises the question of how profitable a $35,000 EV will be when it carries 60-80% of the battery capacity of the basic $71,200 Model S 70.

Chipmakers gearing up for on-board wireless charging

Smart phones are becoming an integral part of vehicle infotainment options, but this integration is putting a strain on the phone’s battery. Wireless charging is on the way, backed by new standards and charging technologies.

Toyota’s 'trigger' for innovation

In this Q&A, Toyota Technical Center President Seiya Nakao discusses future mobility development, technical innovation, Toyota's recent reorganization, and the ever-changing automotive engineering profession.

Stage V-ready engines take center stage at Bauma

Cummins, MTU, and Deutz, among others, offer a preview of the technology they're developing to meet the European Union’s Stage V emissions regulations for off-highway equipment that could commence in 2019.