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R-744 A/C refrigerant tries to make the OE grade

As Mercedes and Audi launch the new CO2 A/C refrigerant in production, members of Germany's VDA consortium ask for a compatible SAE standard during the SAE Interior Climate Control Committee meeting in April.

T-X down to two main contenders

Although the lightweight, supersonic T-38 has been the staple advanced jet trainer for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Naval Test Pilot School for more than 55 years, the aircraft is expected to be replaced by a new trainer that can better transition pilots into fourth- and fifth-generation fighters.

Chilly prospects for low temperature combustion

Low temperature combustion (LTC) remains an area of high interest with extensive research, even though many challenges must still be overcome before LTC sees commercial acceptance.

As V2I evolves, costs, maintenance concerns emerge

V2I proponents are pressing forward in a technology that they contend will become a mainstay for autonomous vehicles. As the technology matures, paying for a roadside infrastructure is becoming a key issue.

Overcoming the ‘CO2 penalty’ of autonomous vehicles

The electrical power needed just to process the increasing deluge of incoming and in-vehicle data—generated from on-board sensor arrays, from other vehicles, the infrastructure and the cloud—is “the dirty little secret” of autonomous vehicle engineering.