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Terabyte data storage by 2020 will drive flash usage

The amount of software and data used by more sophisticated digital systems is likely to surpass the capabilities of flash embedded on microcontrollers, forcing engineers to add discrete flash memory to the BOM.


Is Automotive ready for the inevitable? Cybersecurity experts talk defense strategies.

Sleek design, powertrain advances distinguish Volvo’s new VNL trucks

The new Volvo VNL series is the beneficiary of the truck maker's SuperTruck program, applying lessons learned and advanced technology to achieve an up to 7.5% improvement in fuel efficiency. Driver comfort and productivity, active and passive safety systems and enhanced vehicle uptime through over-the-air updates were other high priorities for engineers and designers of the next-generation long-haul tractor.

Expect smarter engines, more compact aftertreatment from JDPS

Dr. Xinqun Gui, manager of technology, control systems and emissions compliance for John Deere Power Systems, considers himself to be “fairly conservative” in terms of his powertrain outlook: “I think the internal combustion engine as we know it today still has a pretty long life ahead.” Even so, his expectations for improvements in engine “intelligence,” aftertreatment packaging, and machine electrification are anything but conservative.