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Dual-use heater core contributes to better vehicle fuel economy

CSEG has designed, and filed a patent for, a cooling pack and fan that would allow for extreme driving conditions while downsizing the cooling pack, increasing fuel economy, and reducing costs for the OEM as well as the customers who do the driving.

Cummins has a V8 for commercial applications

Cummins has officially launched its ISV5.0, a new commercial-duty 5-L V8 diesel engine designed for North America. Production of the engine, which had been in development for about 13 years, starts in the fourth quarter this year in Columbus, IN, at the Columbus Engine Plant.

2016 preview: Driving Continental’s 48-V hybrid

Conti's new 48-V hybrid system is a package-efficient module aimed at delivering much of the functionality of a 200- to 400-V hybrid system for a fraction of the cost. It will enter production in 2016 at two OEMs.

Suspension parameter measuring machine

AB Dynamics’ updated suspension parameter measuring machine (SPMM), the SPMM5000, is a fixed ground plane kinetics and compliance test machine that measures suspension parameters and characteristics like the SPMM4000 on which it is based.