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WABCO introduces new compressors

Among the new products WABCO displayed at the IAA Hanover CV Show was an electrically driven compressor for heavy duty air-braking systems and a new energy saving engine driven compressor.

Broader data sharing for connected transportation will require widespread collaboration

As populations in sprawling urban areas rise, commuting will become a bigger challenge. Connected cars are likely to leverage connectivity to help commuters reach destinations using different modes of transportation, further driving development teams to collaborate more extensively within their companies and with outsiders from many fields.

MAN launches heavy-duty truck diesel engine

MAN gave the first public showing of its new flagship truck engine at the recent IAA Hanover CV Show. The engine, identified by its code number D3876, is an in-line six-cylinder diesel displacing 15.2 L. It will replace the D2868 16.2-L V8 as MAN’s largest-capacity truck diesel engine.

Graphene composites for cars

Polymer composites reinforced with the "wonder material" graphene could cut structural weight by a third or more, researchers claim.

Airbus has its eye on the future of cleaner flight

With its European base and global presence, it would only make sense that Airbus would take a leading role in the EU’s CleanSky 2, a joint technology initiative that is the follow-up to the CleanSky aerospace research program.

Automotive technology handbook

Published by SAE International, The Evolution of Automotive Technology: A Handbook covers 125 years of the automobile—conceived as a cultural history of its technology.