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Modeling and simulation platform

The new release of MapleSim from Maplesoft makes it substantially easier to explore and validate designs, create and manage libraries of custom components, and use MapleSim models within the engineering toolchain.

Toro launches new riding trencher

Built on a tool carrier chassis, the RT1200's design allows contractors to select from tracks or tires and a variety of attachments.

GKN's new two-speed eAxle powers BMW i8

Having two gear ratios rather than the single ratio that is typical of EVs enables the eAxle to boost the i8's all-wheel-drive performance across its entire speed range.

Audio transceiver with automotive audio bus

The AD2410 transceiver from Analog Devices, Inc.(ADI) is the first in a family of devices that enables ADI’s new automotive audio bus, which significantly reduces the weight of existing cable harnesses, resulting in improved vehicle fuel efficiency while delivering high fidelity audio.

Connected vehicles, cloud services bring big data issues to vehicles

Connected vehicles bring many benefits, helping both drivers and traffic managers. However, it can be difficult for traffic managers to analyze and use the enormous amounts of data collected when every vehicle constantly transmits speed, direction, and other data points. That’s prompting many groups to see how big data schemes can be adapted for the transportation industry.