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Volkswagen reveals Beetle Global Rallycross racer

Volkswagen entered the 2014 season of the Global Rallycross series racing a pair of Polo rally cars used last season on the European Rally circuit. The company has unveiled its purpose-built contender, a Beetle racer that will take to the track starting at the Los Angeles race in September.

Dual-use heater core contributes to better vehicle fuel economy

CSEG has designed, and filed a patent for, a cooling pack and fan that would allow for extreme driving conditions while downsizing the cooling pack, increasing fuel economy, and reducing costs for the OEM as well as the customers who do the driving.

High-performance plastics

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics' custom-designed, high-performance plastic seals for vehicle driveline applications offer critical sealing, wear resistance, and long operating life.

Trimming wiring harnesses becomes design focus

Wires and cables help design teams add electronic features and functions, but networks and wiring harnesses add a fair amount of weight while their connections can be the cause of failures. That’s prompting developers to examine ways to reduce the size and weight of wires and cables.

Maxim chips help trim space requirements in dashboards

Design groups want chips that save space and reduce weight, so Maxim has focused on these challenges with a pair of products that reduce board space and let engineers transition to lighter-weight cabling.