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Laser blanking systems

With a patented approach to laser cutting of blanks from coil, LaserCoil Technologies systems enable companies to marry its laser cutting systems with any coil line automation, whether it be existing equipment currently in production or an investment in new or used equipment.

Vehicle network security highlighted in new concept

The Visteon- and Cisco-developed OASIS (Optimized, Adaptable, Secure, Intelligent, Seamless) concept makes secure car-to-cloud communications the prerequisite for unlocking vehicle network connectivity-associated benefits.

Book explores role of AHSS in vehicle lightweighting

Automotive Lightweighting Using Advanced High-Strength Steels from SAE International is intended to help design engineers make informed decisions on what basic materials to use and how to optimize them to achieve cost-effective weight reduction and, consequently, better fuel efficiency.

Chrysler's new Hellcat V8 gets 707-hp SAE rating

The actual J1349 rating is more than 100 hp more than Chrysler engineers teased in late May. The automaker's first production supercharged V8 uses a Lysholm-type twin-screw supercharger supplied by IHI. The engine's high-output spec required extensive upgrading of engine reciprocating components to handle the extra loads.

Chilly prospects for low temperature combustion

Low temperature combustion (LTC) remains an area of high interest with extensive research, even though many challenges must still be overcome before LTC sees commercial acceptance.

Laser marker series

The MX-Z series of laser markers from Omron provide high quality, permanent identification with what the company claims is superior flexibility in terms of marking and connectivity with the ability to integrate easily to other systems or controls.