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Audi details new A8 active suspension

Audi's new active suspension uses a Mobileye monocular camera to generate vertical information from the road with a resolution of 1.2 to 6 inches. Combined with new all-wheel steering and an e-booster, the car greatly benefits from 48-V electrical power.

Active Aero takes flight

Reconfigurable aerodynamic aids are stretching performance-car envelopes in every direction.

Pedestrian headforms

Used for pedestrian safety testing, Diversified Technical Systems’ pedestrian headforms (which emulate a human head) embedded data acquisition solution are instrumented with a triaxial accelerometer and miniature SLICE NANO data recorder inside and then launched at a vehicle’s hood and windshield to test for potential injuries that may be sustained by pedestrians.

Delphi adds to autonomy arsenal

Delphi positions itself for wider access to emerging autonomous-driving technology with an investment in Israel-based Lidar developer Innoviz Technologies.

IP battle not expected in PSA takeover of GM Europe

Unraveling GM ktechnology from Opel to prepare for PSA's takeover means dealing with many issues from platforms to electrified propulsion and plants. Expert Dr. Paul Nieuwenhuis provides insight.

U of M-Dearborn students engineer new autonomous shuttle system

A recent Engineering program at the University of Michigan’s Dearborn campus jettisoned lectures and text books and replaced them with a fresh Design, Build, and Test curriculum including new lean-Startup courses addressing customer discovery techniques.

BorgWarner prepares manual gearchange for ADAS vehicles

Electrification was supposed to spell death for the manual transmission. The same has been said for manuals and automated driving systems. But BorgWarner is in the final stages of developing a new clutch-automation technology that allows electrification with a Manual transmission.

Conti revives an old concept for its New Wheel for EVs

The wheel rim consists of two aluminium (Al) parts, the inner Al carrier star with the Al brake disk and the outer Al rim well with the tyre. Unlike a conventional disc brake, the New Wheel Concept brake engages the Al disk from the inside. This allows it to have a particularly large diameter, enhancing braking performance.

Venturi effect powers Dayco's new brake-assist system

The Activac system debuted on 2017MY Ford F-150s powered by the second-generation 3.5-L EcoBoost V6. Weighing 1.82 lb, the vacuum-generation system, including hoses, replaced a 2.27 lb cam-driven mechanical pump.