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2015 Chrysler 300 gets upgrades

A mid-cycle refreshening adds driver-assist technologies, more tuning options for the sport model, and the nameplate's first pairing of a V8 engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2015 VW Golf GTE plug-in hybrid is a smooth operator

Volkswagen spreads its Audi A3 e-tron PHEV powertrain to the new Golf GTE. Powertrain control from ICE to electric drive is silky indeed, and EV range is worthy of a good city car. But system cost is significant in a VW-badged vehicle.

Accelerating racecar innovation

Andrea Toso, Head of Research and Development and U.S. Racing Business Leader for Dallara, was recently recognized for his work on the Dallara IndyCar Simulator, which was installed at Indianapolis Motor Speedway this past spring.

Book examines autonomous technologies

Over the years, the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Challenges in the U.S. have galvanized interest in autonomous cars, making them a real possibility in the mind of the public, but autonomous and unmanned vehicles have been increasingly employed in many roles on land, in the water, and in the air.

Audi details piloted driving technology

Before autonomous vehicles make drivers obsolete, electronic technologies will depend on people to make decisions when something unusual happens.

Green-lighting Ford's "clean" technologies

Michael Tinskey, Global Director of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, talks about smart mobility experiments, connected vehicles, and Ford's electrified vehicle strategy in China.

Cadillac’s 2016 CT6 is a body-engineering benchmark

GM's all-new premium flagship sedan is about 200 lb (91 kg) lighter than the BMW 5 Series but offers the interior volume of the short-wheelbase 7 Series, thanks to what is arguably the industry’s most aggressive combination of lightweight materials, forming technologies, and new joining methods in a non-exotic sedan.