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Scaled Composites completes first flight of Model 401

This past week, Scaled Composites announced the first flight of its experimental aircraft design, Model 401. Scaled—a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman—has built two Model 401 aircraft for an undisclosed customer to demonstrate “advanced, low-cost manufacturing techniques.”

Three-stream engine architecture eyed for next-gen military aircraft

Being able to take advantage of a third stream of air that can be modulated to adapt an engine's performance across the flight envelope allows a fighter to access an on-demand increase in thrust or to smoothly shift to highly efficient operations during cruise.

Disruptive flight control technology on trial

One of the most significant developments in aircraft control since the wing warping of the Wright Brothers made way for movable control surfaces has been announced by Manchester University in the U.K., in association with BAE Systems.

Researchers develop new carbide coating for hypersonic flight

Researchers from the University of Manchester have designed and fabricated a carbide coating that can withstand the speed and temperature associated with hypersonic travel. To develop the unique coating—a type of ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC)—the researchers collaborated with China’s Central South University.

Honeywell’s new sensors self-diagnose internal failures

Honeywell says the sensors were designed to improve the performance of aircraft systems and reduce maintenance costs associated with false readings. The Integral Health Monitoring aerospace proximity sensors can detect when a sensor has been damaged or impacted.

CubeSat prototype to use water as propellant

A new type of micropropulsion system for miniature satellites, or CubeSats, uses tiny nozzles that release precise bursts of water vapor to maneuver the spacecraft.

LEAP for Boeing 737 MAX makes first flight

At the end of April, Boeing and CFM International initiated flight testing of the LEAP-1B engine on a modified 747 flying testbed at GE Aviation Flight Test Operations.

Preparing for first flight on Mars

With its eye on Mars, NASA Armstrong has been working on a prototype it refers to as the Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars, or Prandtl-m.

Propulsion performance model for efficient supersonic aircraft

For the design process of the class of aircraft known as an efficient supersonic air vehicle, particular attention must be paid to the propulsion system design as a whole, including installation effects integrated into a vehicle performance model.

Additive manufacturing and materials a prime focus for GKN Aerospace

GKN Aerospace recently announced two collaborative research projects related to the advancement of additive manufacturing (AM) within the aerospace industry. One is a program to develop titanium powder specifically formulated and blended for AM of aerospace components. The second is a strategic partnership with Arcam to develop and industrialize a promising new additive process, electron beam melting.

Rugged COTS enclosure

The air-cooled 3U nine-slot D2D chassis from Curtiss-Wright comes in a 3/4 ATR tall long format.