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Pseudo satellite, potential disrupter, flies on sunlight

Zephyr 8 has a wingspan of 25 m and can carry 50% more batteries than the earlier version, yet is 30% lighter. This translates into a UAV that can carry a heavier payload and is designed to, typically, stay in the air continuously for over a month

Airbus bring four dimensions to Airspace

As Airbus looks to launch new-engine option (neo) aircraft, it has announced it is also launching a new cabin brand it calls “Airspace by Airbus.”

High-strength aluminum powder developed for additive manufacturing in aerospace, automotive

Metal laser melting has made a successful leap from rapid prototyping to an approved manufacturing technology, and the method is increasingly becoming an option for companies in high-tech industries, according to Toolcraft. And now the German manufacturer has teamed with Airbus APWorks to offer another option for additive manufacturing—the Airbus subsidiary’s Scalmalloy high-performance aluminum powder.

Ground testing begins on the GE9X

GE says the GE9X engine for the Boeing 777X is the largest commercial aircraft engine in the world. It will feature a titanium engine exhaust system from Aircelle.

Lockheed Martin LM-100J starts taking (a similar) shape

The LM-100J will be the civil-certified version of the C-130J and an updated version of the L-100 (or L-382) cargo aircraft, and will be “the only commercial airlifter that offers all-terrain and all-weather service.”

A high-level look at the global MRO market

Aerospace and defense companies that provide maintenance repair and overhaul services increasingly find themselves out of their comfort zone as the recent appetite for new airplanes, especially in emerging markets, spurs dramatic shifts in their business.

GE scanner enhances defect detection for industrial CT

GE’s proprietary scatter|correct technology enhances defect detection and analysis as well as 3D metrology in mobility sectors including aerospace, automotive, and off-highway. It can be applied to high scattering materials such as steel and aluminum, composites, and multi-material samples.

Origami goes high-tech for potential military applications

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Tokyo have taken a keen interest in origami, which they believe may soon provide a foundation for antennas that can reconfigure themselves to operate at different frequencies.

Clamoring for a connection

Commercials airlines are responding to customer demands by forging links with satellite providers that give flyers the same connection capabilities they have on the ground.

Bombardier C Series taking off in Europe

The route-proving program is being conducted as SWISS readies for the CS100 aircraft’s entry-into-service, the airline’s first CS100 aircraft is scheduled to be delivered by Bombardier in second quarter 2016.

A Tern toward a full-scale VTOL UAV demonstrator

Tern continues to undergo progress toward creating a new class of unmanned air systems combining shipboard takeoff and landing capabilities, enhanced speed and endurance, and supervised autonomy.

An X-plane for everyone?

As part of a recently announced initiative, NASA is in the midst of researching a number of strategic projects that include quiet supersonic flight, electric distributed propulsion, and hybrid wing aircraft, with goals that include demonstrating advanced technologies to reduce fuel use, emissions and noise, and accelerate possible introduction to the marketplace.