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Counterfeit electronic parts: Manufacture of and avoidance

The inventors of semiconductor chips or electronic parts most likely never imagined that over 50 years later, the aviation, space, and defense industries would be faced with the availability or proliferation of counterfeit electronic parts in their supply chains.

Preparing for first flight on Mars

With its eye on Mars, NASA Armstrong has been working on a prototype it refers to as the Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars, or Prandtl-m.

Flight propulsion goes electric

Small, electrically driven propellers spaced along wing leading-edges could benefit both small and medium-size aircraft

HondaJet goes on show

An important element in its recent world tour was the participation of the new HondaJet at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE), held at Geneva, which was its first European appearance.

Sierra Nevada breathes life into D328, determined to make it fly again, and evolve

Some 10 years since being out of production (some might say even nearly 15 years if one considers the demise of the plane’s originator), the Dornier 328, known for its ability to function on “unimproved runways” and “being easy to maintain in third-world countries,” is going back into production under at least the partial guidance of Sierra Nevada Corp., with a 628 on the radar.

LEAP for Boeing 737 MAX makes first flight

At the end of April, Boeing and CFM International initiated flight testing of the LEAP-1B engine on a modified 747 flying testbed at GE Aviation Flight Test Operations.

From 3D printer to practice

Purdue University has developed a new system that allows a 3D printer to produce functioning products with enclosed electronic and motorized components and customized devices such as a computer mouse molded to a user's hand.