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Sierra Nevada breathes life into D328, determined to make it fly again, and evolve

Some 10 years since being out of production (some might say even nearly 15 years if one considers the demise of the plane’s originator), the Dornier 328, known for its ability to function on “unimproved runways” and “being easy to maintain in third-world countries,” is going back into production under at least the partial guidance of Sierra Nevada Corp., with a 628 on the radar.

Flight propulsion goes electric

Small, electrically driven propellers spaced along wing leading-edges could benefit both small and medium-size aircraft

Propulsion performance model for efficient supersonic aircraft

For the design process of the class of aircraft known as an efficient supersonic air vehicle, particular attention must be paid to the propulsion system design as a whole, including installation effects integrated into a vehicle performance model.

High-strength aluminum powder developed for additive manufacturing in aerospace, automotive

Metal laser melting has made a successful leap from rapid prototyping to an approved manufacturing technology, and the method is increasingly becoming an option for companies in high-tech industries, according to Toolcraft. And now the German manufacturer has teamed with Airbus APWorks to offer another option for additive manufacturing—the Airbus subsidiary’s Scalmalloy high-performance aluminum powder.

Adjustable angle heads

BENZ adjustable angle heads help manufacturers to improve their machining and milling operations by enhancing productivity and efficiency.

3D-printed parts fly on Airbus A350 XWB and ULA rockets

Additive manufacturing is making significant headway in aerospace production programs, as evidenced by recent announcements that Airbus and rocket manufacturer United Launch Alliance both are—or soon will be—flying aircraft that incorporate 3D-printed parts enabled by Stratasys.

Sikorsky’s S-97 takes successful first flight

During the May 22 flight, which lasted approximately one hour, Raider pilots took the aircraft through a series of maneuvers designed to test the aircraft’s hover and low-speed capability.

LEAP for Boeing 737 MAX makes first flight

At the end of April, Boeing and CFM International initiated flight testing of the LEAP-1B engine on a modified 747 flying testbed at GE Aviation Flight Test Operations.

Additive manufacturing and materials a prime focus for GKN Aerospace

GKN Aerospace recently announced two collaborative research projects related to the advancement of additive manufacturing (AM) within the aerospace industry. One is a program to develop titanium powder specifically formulated and blended for AM of aerospace components. The second is a strategic partnership with Arcam to develop and industrialize a promising new additive process, electron beam melting.

Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator 757 used to get the bugs out

Boeing is in the midst of several months of flights with its ecoDemonstrator 757 in a first-round effort to evaluate new technologies in 2015 that are expected to reduce environmental effects on natural laminar flow as a way to improve aerodynamic efficiency while reducing noise and carbon emissions.