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  • 22-Jun-2011 08:51 EDT
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Just talking about technology doesn’t cut it anymore.

Innovation is occurring at breakneck speed, and advancements routinely are making what was once considered to be cutting-edge technology a mere memory of what once was.

Consumers expect the best; and they expect to receive and access information in the best way possible.

Mobility engineering professionals are no different, and that makes perfect sense. Mobility engineers are some of the most innovative and creative people in the world today. SAE International understands this and that’s why the many publications we offer are available in a variety of technologically advanced formats.

SAE International is aware that many members and customers want traditional hard-copy versions of publications, so hard-copy versions of publications are still available—magazines, books, technical papers, and technical standards. But SAE International’s team of product specialists has been working over the past few years to offer several electronic-based formats for today’s busy professionals.

Kevin Jost, SAE International’s Editorial Director, began this process in 2006 and accelerated the efforts last year when all three of the organization’s magazines switched to a predominantly digital-based production schedule. All of the magazines now are offered in an electronic format that allows readers to save and search information, and bookmark favorite or important sections, providing excellent access to and use of all information written in SAE International’s industry magazines.

The digital format also offers convenience and portability, along with many search features.

Magazines aren’t the only published products getting a technology makeover. Many of SAE International’s books are now available in e-formats that can be viewed via a personal computer or hand-held device, such as the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader Digital Book, or Apple iPhone. Again, it’s about customization, convenience, and ease of use for the readers. SAE International also has created an online bookstore and personal storage capability that goes beyond Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle Store in that all of the most popular e-formats are offered for each book.

SAE International’s full complement of technical papers and standards also are available in digital formats. Michael Thompson, Manager of Electronic Publishing for SAE International, said his team constantly is looking for ways to offer technical information in more innovative ways.

It works to provide the most efficiency and ease of use with all products, with a goal of putting technical information at the fingertips of mobility engineering professionals—information that can help those professionals do their jobs better.

SAE International’s entire library of more than 88,000 technical papers dating back to 1906 is available electronically. In addition, SAE International recently announced a newly designed Digital Library that offers an integrated taxonomy of industry-specific terms. This gives SAE International customers and members unprecedented access to the more than 150,000 papers, standards, and related publications.

These are just a few examples of the work being done by SAE International product developers and staff members to harness the full potential of today’s technology.

It’s important to note, however, that this migration to electronic-based formats is not a journey with a defined end. Technology will continue to develop, change, and evolve. SAE International understands this fact and will continue to seek and develop the most innovative ways to offer its programs, products, and services.

David L. Schutt, SAE Chief Executive Officer

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