Portable scanning machines

  • 29-Dec-2010 03:30 EST
Fig 1 MobileScan3D portable laser scanner system.jpg

Wenzel’s MobileScan3D portable scanning machines feature higher resolution Blue-Scan blue laser scanning sensor technology, which uses shorter wavelengths and thinner projection lines (50 µm laser thickness) for improved focus and better accuracy and resolution. These improvements mean higher data collection rates, higher resolution data, and more accurate processed images. Full CNC automatic scanning enhances accuracy of the acquired dataset compared to the same data acquired by other portable laser systems and provides automatically structured and ordered data, minimizing data cleanup and processing time. In addition, the machines can be used to verify production parts against nominal geometry data and can be used in complete CNC mode or in semi CNC mode, where the motors can be disengaged and the laser manually guided to define the scan path before re-engagement for CNC scanning. This semi CNC mode allows for rapid setup for inspection of one-off parts.

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