CAE software solution

  • 09-Feb-2010 11:00 EST

ETA's enterprise-level CAE software solution Inventium Suite features its first set of tools available in the form of an advanced pre- and post-processor called PreSys. The core FE-modeling toolset PreSys is the successor to ETA’s VPG/PrePost and FEMB products. PreSys was developed through the experience of these legacy products, combined with the recent addition of 150 new or improved features, aligned with the user-friendly Inventium architecture. When the user opens PreSys for the first time, he or she will notice the easy-to-use interface with drop-down menus and toolbars, increased graphics speed, and detailed graphics capabilities. Other features include the ability to open and operate on multiple models and review simulation results along with model data and a scripting interface that will allow the user to capture, replay, and modify processes, as well as interact with third party applications.

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