Collision detector

  • 25-Nov-2009 04:29 EST

Collision Detector KCD V2.05 is a high-efficiency collision detector from Kineo CAM that comes as a software library allowing an easy integration through its C++ programming API. Using 3-D geometrical data, the software compares two lists of geometrical objects and quickly returns a series of results such as interferences and distances. In digital 3-D mock-up, KCD performs static or dynamic clash analysis. In robotic monitoring systems, KCD enables continuous collision avoidance. With KCD V2.05, Kineo CAM achieves a major step of performance on speed as it is multithreaded and fully leverages multicore systems. Collision tests are more than twice as fast in version 2.05 as compared to version 2.04. According to the company, tests of performance show that KCD V2.05 performs dynamic collision detections in 114 microseconds on large 3-D models of 400,000 triangles. 

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