Encoder chip

  • 08-May-2009 01:04 EDT
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AS5311 from austriamicrosystems is a Hall-effect-sensor-based linear magnetic encoder that features submicron resolution. This integrated linear Hall encoder can be used as an alternative to optical encoders. A multipole magnetic strip is used for linear motion sensing, and the magnetic strip is replaced by a multipole magnetic ring for rotary motion sensing. For applications such as this, an incremental output with a resolution of 10 bit per pole pair and a traveling speed up to 650 mm (26 in) per second is available. Using, for example, a multipole magnetic ring with a diameter of 41.7 mm (1.6 in), a resolution of 16 bit (65.536 steps per revolution) can be achieved. Suitable for position feedback of micro-actuators and as an alternative to incremental optical encoders in harsh environments, the AS5311 offers a solution for applications where cost, high precision, and small form factor are the constraints.
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