Vistagy offers a suite product for aero structures

  • 23-Apr-2009 09:45 EDT

Pictured is a FiberSIM simulation of a fiber-placed aircraft fuselage panel. FiberSIM 2009, a software suite that addresses the entire composites engineering process, is a key part of the Vistagy AeroSuite.

Vistagy AeroSuite, a comprehensive solution that enables aircraft manufacturers to more effectively manage the evolving product-development process and deliver optimized parts and assemblies, recently was introduced by Vistagy. The result, according to the company, is less development time and lower costs.

Vistagy is a global provider of engineering software and consulting services that optimize product development processes by enhancing the functionality of commercial 3-D CAD systems.

AeroSuite consists of FiberSIM composites engineering software, SyncroFIT software for assembly development, and the Quality Planning Environment. By combining these production-proven software products with the company’s consulting services and partnerships with industry leaders, Vistagy says the package offers what it calls the first truly complete solution for aero structures development—spanning analysis, design, manufacturing, assembly, and quality planning.

“There is no question that developing complex composites structures and highly engineered assemblies presents substantial challenges,” said Steve Luby, President and CEO of Vistagy. “But the key to overcoming these inherent challenges is recognizing that the composite definition and assembly definition of an airframe are inextricably linked and must be considered as an integrated system. We believe that the companies that adopt this approach will be best suited to meet the challenges and will thrive because they will be the ones most capable of producing robust aircraft on time and on budget.”

AeroSuite was inspired by the realization that trying to achieve all three of these goals simultaneously was problematic because changes in one area often had profound effects on the other two areas, resulting in missed deadlines, increased costs, overweight designs, and substandard performance, according to Vistagy. The new product enables engineers to work how they think with vocabulary and tools specific to aero structures design. They can capture design intent, manage complex design and assembly relationships, automatically propagate changes throughout the design, and validate the design, resulting in better performance, reduced costs, and shorter product cycles.

Comprising AeroSuite are:

• FiberSIM—a comprehensive software suite that addresses the entire composites engineering process, from conception, laminate definition, and ply creation through simulation, performance optimization, flat pattern generation, documentation, and manufacturing.

• SyncroFIT—a group of software products (formerly known as Airframe Development Environments) for designing and manufacturing airframe assemblies and large aero structures. SyncroFIT enables the user to easily author and capture complete digital representations of airframe assemblies and share critical design and manufacturing detail more efficiently across the enterprise and the global supply chain. The software provides a thorough representation of the airframe assembly, including the relationships defined by joints between mating parts and the definition of fasteners and holes. It also manages the interactions of composite details within assemblies and allows engineers to validate that fastener design rules have been met.

• Quality Planning Environment (QPE)—specialized software that enables quality planning engineers to ensure that airframes are manufactured properly based on condition of supply definitions. With QPE, quality engineers can generate their plans based on design and manufacturing data created by FiberSIM and SyncroFIT and saved in the CAD model, thus shortening the time it takes to generate inspection plans; reducing errors in planning; and tailoring plans to the needs of the quality inspectors.

• Custom Consulting Services—based on more than 15 years of experience working with the industry’s leading designers and manufacturers of advanced aircraft, Vistagy has developed comprehensive service offerings to assist its customers in implementing optimized processes for developing composite aero structures. The company uses a four-phase deployment methodology that is customized to meet the goals of each organization. Experienced technical consultants interview designers, analysts, and manufacturing engineers to assess capabilities and objectives, then develop design methodologies for specific part types. Finally, they focus on large-scale deployment and the implementation of those part-specific design methodologies.

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