Physical modeling made easier with MapleSim

  • 10-Jul-2008 05:16 EDT
The MapleSim model maps directly to the physical components of the model, whereas the traditional block diagram is much more complex, harder to produce, and does not look like the original system representation.

Maplesoft has released the pilot version of MapleSim, a multi-domain modeling and simulation tool that is designed to reduce the amount of time taken to bring products to market by using physical modeling techniques.

Physical modeling, the process of modeling the dynamic behavior of a system mathematically, traditionally required significant manual effort. With traditional tools, users first need to manually derive the equations of motion and then manipulate them into a form that can be entered into a block diagram representation. Block diagrams are considered to be complex, difficult to produce, and do not resemble the original system representation.

With MapleSim, users can re-create a system diagram on a screen using components that represent a physical model, and the equations of the model are automatically generated. A model maps directly to each physical component, showing how those components are connected together, and the equations of motion are generated. MapleSim allows users to mix physical components with traditional signal-flow blocks.

“With traditional techniques, modeling even simple systems is arduous and time consuming,” said Jim Cooper, CEO of Maplesoft, noting that with MapleSim, a “savings of anywhere from weeks to months” is possible.

Included in the software are more than 500 components from over 10 domains such as electrical, mechanical, control design, and thermal, organized into palettes. Maple document and analysis templates are also included.

MapleSim is based on Maple’s symbolic computation technology. Unlike numeric computation, symbolic technology can convert a physical system representation directly into mathematical equations. Models created in this way are concise and do not rely on iterative numeric routines to solve.

Pilot users of MapleSim test and provide feedback on product features. This opportunity to access MapleSim at an early stage provides the ability to interact with the Maplesoft product development team to influence the next generation of modeling and simulation tools.

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