John Deere Golf expands mower line

  • 19-Jun-2008 08:11 EDT
A double-yoke mounting system with decks capable of a full range of motion allows TerrainCut mowers like the model 8800 shown here to easily follow terrain contours.

Just in time for the spring golf season, John Deere Golf has added PrecisionCut, a new line of fairway reel mowers, and TerrainCut, a new line of multi-terrain rotary-cut mowers.

Four models were introduced with the PrecisionCut line: the 7500, 7700, 8500, and 8700, all designed to deliver high-quality cutting necessary for the course. Innovations include more precise steering, hydraulic down-pressure system, and a new optional all-wheel-drive traction system.

PrecisionCut mowers are powered by a turbocharged 1496-cm3 Yanmar engine that delivers 37.1 hp (27.7 kW) for the 7500 and 7700 models. For the 8500 and 8700 models, the engine features an intercooler and delivers 43.1 hp (32.1 kW).

PrecisionCut 7500 and 8500 models feature 22-in (559-mm) standard bedknife-to-reel cutting units with 5-in (127-mm) diameter reels, a fixed front roller, and adjustable reel roller for less aggressiveness at lower cutting heights. The 7700 and 8700 models use 22-in (559-mm) ESP cutting units with 7-in (178-mm) diameter reels. They feature reel-to-bedknife adjustment, adjustable front and rear rollers, and a patented rotate-for-service system to complete the adjustments.

All cutting units feature a patented rear-attaching point for the cutting unit yokes that places force on the rear roller for a more consistent cut height. Reel speed adjustments to meet changes in course condition are facilitated by two pressure-sensing, flow-compensating, back-lapping valves. Cutting options include rear roller power brushes that keep the rear roller clean, and Fairway Tender Conditioners that stand grass up prior to cutting and improves cutting dispersal.

A servo-controlled hydrostatic drive system, standard for all four PrecisionCut mowers, provides increased flow to the traction system for more power and better traction in either two-wheel or all-wheel drive. For increased hill-climbing ability, GRIP—Deere’s all-wheel-drive traction system—can be added to any of the mowers. GRIP minimizes wheel slip by routing hydraulic flow from one of the front wheel motors to the opposite rear wheel motor, which improves traction for mowing up and down inclines as well as on side hills.

PrecisionCut mowers feature Deere’s patented, hydraulic down-pressure system, which can be turned on and off to better match ever-changing golf course, seasonal, and weather conditions. A double-acting steering cylinder equalizes right and left pressure to make it easier to hold a straight line and achieve striping.

Operator stations feature increased leg room, a wider platform for optimum pedal spacing, and an adjustable standard deluxe seat. The command arm is connected to the seat to ensure that controls stay within easy reach, and an LED instrument cluster provides easy visibility in all weather conditions. Standard ROPS and seatbelts meet pending ISO standards.

Sit-on-Seat (SOS) diagnostics and John Deere’s patented White Box Controller help to support troubleshooting. Daily service check access points can be accessed from the left side of the machine, and the oil cooler, which has a removable screen, tilts for easy cleaning.

Deere’s new TerrainCut line of rotary mowers includes the 8800 TerrainCut Rough Mower and the 7400 TerrainCut Trim and Surrounds Mower. Designed to provide better hill-climbing and traction capabilities, both mowers feature the GRIP system, which minimizes wheel slip by diverting hydraulic flow from wheels that are slipping to wheels with grip.

TerrainCut mowers are powered by the same turbocharged  Yanmar engine that powers the PrecisionCut mowers, which delivers 37.1 hp (27.7 kW) for the 7400 model and 43.1 hp (32.1 kW) for the 8800 model, with the help of an intercooler. Both mowers feature a double-yoke mounting system that allows them to easily follow terrain contours, as the decks are capable of a full range of motion independent of the hydraulic lift system.

The TerrainCut 8800 comprises five 21-in (533-mm) rotary mowers for a quality cut and superior ground following across an 88-in (2235-mm) cutting span. A double-acting steering cylinder helps to equalize turning efforts, allowing the operator to hold a straight line with less effort. The 7400 offers three 27-in (686-mm) decks and its patented width-on-demand feature, allowing the operator to select a 68-in (1727-mm) or 74-in (1880-mm) cutting width. Cutting units overlap to ensure accurate cutting on slopes and tight turns, and using the increased, 74-in (1880-mm) width allows an increase in productivity for open areas of up to 9%, according to the company.

TerrainCut mowers also feature a reach system that allows either the front right or left decks to be shifted a maximum of 15 in (381 mm) outside the front tires for trimming around bunkers or hazards. Deck heights can be adjusted without tools, and they can be lifted and lowered from the operator platform with a single-lever joystick.

Dual pedal controls simplify forward and reverse operation, and an operator command arm, sit-on-seat diagnostics, and Deere’s patented White Box Controller allow maximum control and quick problem resolution without leaving the seat. Additional operator platform features include foot-operated tilt steering and parking brake operation, a drink holder, and a two-way radio holder, as well as a seatbelt and rollover protection structure.

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