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  • 31-Mar-2008 05:28 EDT


Version 37.0 of four D-Cubed component software products from Siemens PLM Software contains new enhancements to improve both function and performance. This release of 3D Dimensional Constraint Manager, which positions parts in assemblies, simulates their kinematic motion, and parametrically controls the configuration of 3-D sketches and the shape of parts, sees the addition of directed distance dimensions between points. The latest Assembly Engineering Manager, which provides a more realistic and productive assembly environment, includes a number of improvements to the efficiency of the force balance calculation. The new Collision Detection Manager, which accurately and rapidly detects collisions and computes clearances, now more efficiently suppresses irrelevant surfaces and computes collisions between analytic geometries. And this release of Hidden Line Manager, which accurately and rapidly computes hidden line views, sees improvements to performance and reliability when computing hidden line views on models containing rolling ball surfaces.

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