Millimeter-wave radar technology

  • 25-Nov-2013 04:50 EST
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Panasonic Corp.'s high-precision, wide field of view (FOV) millimeter-wave technologies are able to separately detect cars, pedestrians, and bicycles in less than 0.1 s on the condition that they are separated by 20 cm (0.7 ft). Applied to 79-GHz radar, these technologies will be used in detection sensors to avoid accidents from occurring at intersections, accelerating the adoption of advanced safety support systems. The simultaneous operation of the radars is realized by controlling the interference between multiple radars, widening the FOV, and making it suitable for monitoring an overall area of a typical intersection. Panasonic’s multi-dimensional scanning technology is capable of rapid location sensing and maintains a high degree of sensitivity for pedestrian detection by the suppression of noise due to reflections from metallic vehicles. Its orthogonal complementary coded modulation technology features separation capabilities without interference, realizing both a high resolution and wide FOV simultaneously, even for a multiple radar configuration operating at the same frequency.

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