Technology solutions for electrified vehicles

  • 13-Feb-2012 03:24 EST
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Freudenberg-NOK flexible printed circuit (FNM) designed for electrified vehicle applications.

With operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific markets, Freudenberg-NOK can tap a vast network of chemistry, design, product engineering, and manufacturing experts to provide solutions for the global vehicle electrification industry. The company also collaborates with sister organizations within the Freudenberg North America family of companies on battery filtration and nonwoven technologies. Products include:

Overpressure Valve: For use in large-format lithium-ion battery systems. The valve is designed to maintain its seal during normal pressure variations due to heating/cooling of the battery. The seal releases if internal battery pack pressure exceeds the predetermined limit and prevents potential battery system damage.

Housing Gasket: A family of solutions for serial and prototype automotive lithium-ion battery applications. Gaskets are re-openable for battery maintenance and optimized for sealing profile, homogeneous forces, and tolerance compensation.

Plug & Seal: This elastomer-coated tube with a sealing and shock absorbing geometry works for applications across several industries. It accommodates a host of diameters, lengths, angles, and end geometries, and it can survive extremes of temperature, pressure, and chemical environments.

Cell Frame Seal: A mounting structure for pouch-type cells that both holds and stabilizes the cell. It also provides an additional sealing function for the sealed seam of the pouch, equalizes thickness tolerances of the cells, and provides additional mechanical fixing for electric connectors. The frame features passages for directing battery gasses in the case of a cell rupture.

Breathable Element: Breathable components produced from Freudenberg nonwoven materials that optimize the ability of the battery system to repel water, oil, and dirt contamination. The structure of the fabric creates a “deep filter” affect in the battery unit that ensures the exchange of gases even when exposed to environmental contaminants.

Pressure Compensation: Freudenberg is developing several products to address the duty cycle pressure variations within a battery pack. Whether using a sealed pressure compensator or an hygroscopic filter unit, these products allow expansion and contraction of air within the battery pack without introducing additional moisture.

Freudenberg-NOK utilizes nearly two dozen polymer families and more than 2000 raw materials to provide premium battery protection technologies, including battery pack gaskets, cell frame sealing, plug-and-seal technologies, compensation elements, and liquid detectors.

The Freudenberg-NOK Mechatronics engineering staff is well versed in electronics, heating, interconnection systems, wiring, and other technologies. Its flexible printed circuits are mechanically and electronically integrated into a single unit with a bus bar plate to reliably connect the individual cells that make up hybrid and electric vehicle battery packs.

Freudenberg-NOK Mechatronics also produces flat wire and liquid detection sensing for multiple applications, which provides superior heat distribution, weight, and packaging savings as well as reduced assembly time.

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